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Horses are here!

The Horse Ranch Expansion Pack is now out!

Our family moved over to the ranch as soon as the ranch house was built. We have miniature goats and sheep. We have chickens and cows, llamas, dogs and cats and most of all we have HORSES! 



Journey with our family as they navigate gang life, family and business life and running a Horse Ranch.

Dossier of The 15th Street Gang
My Sims 4 Family
The Sims 4 can be as simple or complicated as you see fit. My game started off with Laura and her sister. Laura met Juan when he first moved to the States. Juan had a mind for business and he and Laura made a go of it after they were married. They adopted a couple of children before having a couple of their own. Juan made a very comfortable life for himself and his family. Juan financed Laura’s love of art and Laura became well-known in the artist community gaining the fame perk. Meanwhile, Juan opened many businesses and taught their children his business sense and Laura taught their children how to navigate fame and private life. In time the family was financially secure and the children had opportunities not offered to others their ages.

Updated Changes

We have noticed the family moved from the tropical island (that they still own) to a Ranch. The Ranch is as private as the Island and there is security cameras placed through out the property and we have had little luck breaching the property. 

Talking to the towns people it sounds like the family is buying up property all over the area. We have looked into this, and sure enough Micky McDannell has been buying up land and property. There is also a unknown Male looks to be a teenager coming and going with Micky McDannell. We need to find out who this young man is.

Troy Johnson we did have him in custody for murder but could not make the charges stick so we had no other option then to set him free. The information we could gather is someone got into their home. Mr. Johnson shot the man when he caught up with him. The home is a large home! We could not find anyone who would say otherwise but this was a justifiable shooting of a trespasser.  

Micky McDannell we also had in custody for a time on the same charges of murder. While checking on one of the many properties a customer shot and killed another. The information we gathered was Mr. McDannell then shot the customer. We could not find anyone to say anything but this was justified so we had no reason to hold him any longer.

We have been noticing some activity going on at a small ranch. This seams as if a working hay farm however every so often many of the 15 Street Gang go into the small cabin. We have obtained the schematics of the property and it does not seam as if all those people could fit into the cabin. Yet they all go in. More surveillance is needed. Perhaps if we have some agents walk by the property or ride a horse around the property as one of these meetings are taking place we could learn more?

Juanita mcdannell
Juanita McDannell
Our story continues with Juanita. The only daughter of Juan and Laura and Juan’s pride and joy. 
Juan taught Juanita the art of business and working hard. Even though Juanita obtained anything she wanted from her parents, her tastes in men went to the dangerous kind. 
Juanita met Troy. Troy was a low-life criminal and a bodybuilder. Actually, anything he could do to get by. So, when Troy met Junaita he felt he hit the mother load and her father was someone to impress if he wanted to marry into the family.
 Juanita and Troy married and had one child Rachael McDannell. This is when Troy made up the 15th Street Gang.
 Juan was not naïve to his son in laws activity but also dint want to hurt his relationship with his daughter, Juanita so he kept paying Juanita her monthly allowance as he had always done with his children which of course went into Troy’s criminal enterprise.
Troy Johnson
Tanvi Johnson
Troy Johnson
Troy is the founder of the 15th Street Gang. Troy has been in prison several times for various offenses. 
Ex-husband to Juanita McDannell and husband to Tanvi Johnson. Father to Eric Johnson, great grandfather to Frank Johnson. 
Approach with caution. Troy has a very bad temper and has been known to kill people for small offenses. 
Troy has led a criminal lifestyle since a young age. 
Troy has the loyalty of the people around him and has run the 15th Street Gang from his prison cell. Owns many homes, and businesses in different parts of the world. Troy employs many people who say he is a fair boss but we can not find anyone who has betrayed him, alive.
Micky Mcdannell
Micky McDannell
As Troy was running his criminal enterprise Juanita and Troy’s daughter Rachael grew up. Rachael had a scientific mind so when she got a job at a lab it only made sense she started to date a man who was a talented horticulturist named Micky.
 Micky and Rachael hit it off quite well and soon married. They had two sons and Micky earned a reputation for growing and dealing drugs. Rachael was not impressed by this behavior. Micky’s in-laws were very impressed so Troy asked Micky into the 15th Street Gang.
 Micky McDannell proved to be a very good asset to the gang.
To our understanding Micky McDannell takes care of all the Real Estate holdings of the gang and became fairly wealthy himself. 
Family Drama
In every family there is drama. Some drama impacts more lives than other drama. This was the case here.
 Micky and Troy became very close. Troy makes Micky his right-hand man though not as close as Micky and Juanita. More time Troy spent on making the 15th Street Gang one to fear he also neglected his wife. 
Juanita would go to Rachael’s home to help with the kids and to visit. The more she visited the more attraction she felt for her son-in-law. The attraction was mutual and an affair started.
 When Rachael found out about the affair all hell broke loose. Troy took the affair quite well. Rachael moved out of the house shared with Micky and went to live with her grandparents and filed for divorce from Micky. Divorce was not fought but did cut Junaita’s relationship with Rachael as well as sadden Juan. Juanita’s and Troy’s divorce soon followed. Now Juanita and Micky were free to marry and are still together to this day.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
Eric is the son of Troy and one of the strip club’s prostitutes named Tanvi. Eric did not have much of a father growing up but did know that Troy was head of the 15th Street Gang and did want in. Eric proved himself a valuable member so when Troy and Tanvi married Eric was happy to know his birthright. Eric like his father has a very bad temper and can be hard to live with at times. Father and son are known in the criminal world as a family to watch out for. They will do anything to get what they want.
 Eric never married but did father Frank Johnson, Caroline Gonzalez and Doug Johnson. Doug Johnson is now deceased.
Eric took Frank when he was just an infant to raise within the family. Eric is a very good father and grandfather. Eric to outsiders is a man to fear, but to his kids he a kind, loving father. Eric Johnson was active in the role as father to Caroline Gonzalez who is married to Seth Gonzalez. No children.
As his father, Troy Johnson treat Eric Johnson with caution.
When we had Troy Johnson in custody for murder it appears that Eric Johnson moved up in ranks within the Gang. It appears that Eric Johnson now has the authority to run his own branch of the gang.
Frank Johnson
Sally Johnson
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson is a piece of work. 
Spoiled by his grandfather Troy and his father Eric, Frank can do nothing wrong. He has had to go into hiding several times for jobs gone bad, he has had bodyguards on him since he was a child to protect him from the enemies who want nothing more than to see him dead.
 Frank is married to Sally. A woman he found in the wild (a game-generated woman). They have one baby now, Jessica.
 Eric takes care of Jessica more than her own parents do. She is just a baby now.
 Frank also has a grown son now who is a psychopath named Alexander Baker. Alexander Baker is the grandchild of Wolf Baker. He has killed several people now without permission, one was his grandfather’s long-time butler. This son is on thin ice with everyone. The family has been having talks about what to do with this son.
UPDATE; Jessica Johnson should be having a birthday soon. According to our records she would be a teenager on her next birthday.
Wolf Baker
Robin Baker
Wolf Baker
Wolf Baker worked himself up into the gang to be a valuable member. Wolf is also a high-ranking law official, retired.
 We met Wolf as a new low-ranking member of the 15th Street Gang. 
For several years he was slowly working himself up the ladder of the gang then the gang headquarters got raided by the law. Troy went to prison and the gang took a hit, not huge for Eric was there but took a hit nevertheless.
 Wolf was getting to be a member of the family when all this went down. He had gotten very close with many members watching some of them grow up even. What a blow it was to find out he was an undercover agent sent to bring the gang down!
 Troy was out of prison when the information was found that it was Wolf who brought the law down upon the family. 
Wolf did not run and hide but stood up to Troy and apologized, telling Troy how much of an asset would it be to have a high-level law official within the family. This is how the 15Th Street Gang grew.
London Kelly
Pam Kelly
London Kelly
London Kelly was Juanita’s uncle. London married Juanita’s mother’s sister and they lived on the adjoining property. London has always been into law enforcement along with his father, grandfather, and children.
 London is an outdoorsman and that is where they met. The family was at a vacation home skiing and camping.
 London was at work when their baby was taken away by the children’s protective services and London could not forgive his wife at the time for this. 
London remarried Pam and has been part of the 15th Street Gang since his first marriage.
NOTE: It appears their grown daughter has been meeting up with others from the 15 Street Gang. Is she part of the gang now? More information is needed.
Greggory Baker
Alicia Baker
Greggory Baker
Greggory Baker has been following in his father’s footsteps as a lawman. Greggory is on the job all the time. Greg works at his law career and when he comes home and off work as a lawman, he is a bodyguard for the 15th Street Gang.
 Greg wanted a wife and family so Greg was introduced to several women in the wild who were not a good fit until he met Alycia off the community boards. 
Alycia just had twins not too long ago, a boy Wolf Jr. and a little girl Anglia Baker.
 The new couple are very good parents or better than some of the other family members.
 Greg has also proved himself as a valuable asset to the family, especially during the Alexander fiasco.
 The baby’s grandparents do help out with the babies, Wolf could not be prouder of his grandbaby who is named after him.
UPDATE: Could the unknown male who has been with Micky McDannell be this Wolf Jr.? We need to look into that, wolf jr. would be a teenager now.
Danny Mcdannell
Danny McDannell
Parents Juanita and Micky McDannell. Great grandparents Juan and Laura Anderson.
Single at the time of this dossier.
Works in the financial world of banking and is independently wealthy.
Part of the 15th Street Gang.
Talon Mcdannell
Talen McDannell
Parents Juanita and Micky McDannell. Great grandparents Juan and Laura Anderson.
Single at this time.
Works in Law Enforcement.
 Part of the 15th Street Gang.

Persons Of Interest

Alexander Baker 
Person of interest. Alexander Baker is the son of Frank Johnson and Sky Baker.
Even though Alex Baker does not live directly in the household any longer. Mr. Baker should be a person of interest. 
What we gathered Mr. Baker killed the long time butler of Troy Johnson, Mr. Bakers grandfather. The family agreed to move out Alex Baker to another property for a time. 
Alex Baker is still an active member in the 15 Street Gang and shows up at meetings. We also see him with different high ranking members at functions. Mr. Baker looks as if a guard. What else does he do for the gang?
Juan Jr Anderson
Person of interest. Mr Anderson is the brother of Juanita McDannell. At this time we dont know to much about Mr Anderson.
Joseph Anderson
Person of interest. Mr Anderson is the brother of Juanita McDannell. At this time we do not know to much about Mr Anderson but he works as a Celebrity Chef.
Stephon Anderson
Person of interest. Mr Anderson is the brother of Juanita McDannell, the oldest of all the Anderson Children. Mr Anderson is a renown scientist. Married to Alice Anderson. They have had three children.  Magnus Anderson Deceased. Jose Anderson Deceased. Sandra Anderson Child.
Joel Anderson
Person of interest. Mr Anderson is the brother of Juanita McDannell. Mr Anderson works as a Commercial Spokesperson. Married to Julie Anderson only one child, John Anderson Deceased.
Billy Williams
William “Billy” Williams is the son of Juanita McDannell and Nicolas Williams. 
Nicolas Williams was a ranking member of the 15 Street Gang and now Deceased. 
Billy Williams was not on our radar until he moved next door to the Johnson’s ranch. Billy Williams was floating through life without a job. We wonder how he was earning a living with no job? 
Lately as soon as he moved in next door to the Johnson Ranch he is now employed.  All we know at this point he works as a business officer.
Billy Williams appears to be part of the 15th Street Gang as he is showing up at meetings and we feel that Mr. Williams was doing jobs for the gang before moving next door? Due to our information of the 15th Street Gang they do not appear to allow a free ride to any member.
Mr. Williams had a step brother Israel Miyamoto who is now Deceased. Only other living relative of Nicolas Williams is a Great Granddaughter Harper Mete.
We do not know if Billy Williams has any contact with this relative? Billy Williams is a person of interest.
Rachael McDannell
Rachael McDannell is the daughter of Juanita McDannell and Troy Johnson. Ex Wife to Micky McDannell. 
Rachael McDannell is a scientist. Her job title is Apprentice Inventor. 
Lately we have been noticing activity at her Residence that still bares Micky McDannell as co-owner. 
Before this it appears Rachael McDannell did not have anything to do with the gang. Now we are not sure? Tagged as a person of interest.
Jake Wick
Jake Wick is the grandson of Juanita McDannell and Wolf Baker.
Jake Williams does not actively live with the family, but wears the Gang Tat and shows up to all meetings. Jake Wick has been seen with high ranking members as a guard. What else does he do for the 15th Street Gang?
Jake Wick works as a Investor at Angel Investors. Married to Marie Wick and have one daughter Audrey Wick who works as a Mailroom Technician. We learned he had one brother, Rick Wick Deceased. Only other living relative is an infant Asher Wick. We do not know if he has contact with this relative? Tagged as a person of interest and a active member of the 15th Street Gang.
Caroline Gonzalez
Caroline Gonzalez is the daughter of Eric Johnson, mother unknown.
Caroline Gonzalez has been seen at 15th Street Gang meetings. Is the 15th Street Gang allowing women in now? What is she doing at their meetings and other social events?
Caroline Gonzalez is married to Seth Gonzalez. No children. Tagged as a person of interest.

Other Interests

Duke and Dutchess Anderson
Assets to the 15th Street Gang
Breed: Doberman Pinscher (Now Australian Shepherds )
Trained attack dogs
These two dogs have been trained as attack dogs and go with the family to their vacation homes and have passages throughout the main home to protect family members quickly. They are loyal, loving pets to the family but will attack anyone that is not family. 
Treat as highly dangerous.
Been playing Sims 4 for a while now on PC.
I like the games, with mods. Not sure I ever played without mods??
Like Fallout 4 the Sims 4 community is active and makes lots of mods to make everyone’s game interesting! If so inclined Sims 4 even has a Sims 4 Studio to create your own in-game works of art.
I finally got around to uploading my search tool for mods, I am placing my console command cheats on there as well. Feel free to use it.