Welcome to the site!

We are an older couple who got into gaming when the Mr here retired from work.

The son and I got him a PS3 and some games to see how he would like these. Well, lets just say he likes video games!

When I saw him playing I wanted to try it! Well, it was all down or uphill from there.

We had noticed rather quickly that finding people over 50+ was not the easiest thing to do, but we are out there!

The name “Old Fart”, has been a joke of mine for years!

“old fart (plural old farts) (derogatory, idiomatic) An elderly person who holds old-fashioned views.”

That is not us haha! Nor has it been anyone we have ever joked around with!

No matter your age, I hope you find the site welcoming. We like to have fun!

More about this site


Youtube does a much better job of maintaining and making commenting user-friendly then I can. Feel free to use Youtube for commenting. A button is provided on all video’s hosted here to take you to Youtube.

 There is the contact form if wanting to get in touch. Be mindful if spam I may just ban your IP.

This site is optimized for PC.


This is not my main site. This site is for fun.

I have had my main site for over 10 years now and my server for almost as long. I run whm and cPanel’s for those curious. I maintain my server and websites myself and enjoy it I think more than I do making the sites themselves. Thanks for reading.



P.S. Updating the servers operating system looks to be all done. What a wild ride! I am thankful this is not something that has to be done often.