Sims 4 Console Command Search Tool


How To Use This Tool

This tool links into the custom database made for Sims 4. Type in a word, phrase, or letter, and what is in the database will be displayed.

You then copy/paste the information to your console in-game, or type it in your console in-game.  

When dealing with this database you do not have to push enter, what you are looking for will display.

Commands to add to the Console before anything else

  • Ctrl + Shift + C

  • testingCheats true or testingcheats on

Of course, it is always up to you to use mods, console commands, or anything that alters a video game.
The main thing here is, to have fun!
PS be mindful that I put the link of a mod’s website into this search engine if they have one. Some mods do not have their own website. If you are a mod creator, we can fix this. Get in touch.
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