Sims 4 Greg Takes A Wife

Sim 4 Continues with Greg.

Greg is a lawman, he is also part of the 5th Street Gang.

Greg works at the police station during the days, but his earned vacations and the rest of the time he is a guard and an enforcer for the family.

We thought it was time Greg had a wife and family of his own, which of course the 5th Street Gang will absorb into the larger family.

We started off with a woman in the wild. This woman was not a great match for Greg so off to the community boards I went to find a wife for Greg.

I did put this woman into the Kelly’s home, another member of the 5th Street Gang who lives in the main house. The Kelly’s leave their grown daughter to live in the Kelly’s home. Of course, this is all on the Island and a neighboring house.

Many of the older members have homes or property, businesses of their own.

There are faster ways I could have done this, but I went the long way which took some time.

First making Alycia Greg’s Girlfriend (I kept the name off the boards), then fianc√©, and after all that the marriage button is shown.

Because the main home has so many Sims living there some cheats had to be used.

I did have to mute some music. It plays and I am so into my game I dint think of turning off the stereo. I also did some light cropping. This all takes place on the Island with the Island Living Expansion Pack.

This might be the most used pack I own? Anyhoo I do play with modifications from the community, the custom music is my own mod.