Sims 4 Finchwick Garden Fair Cottage Living

Sims 4 Continues with the Finchwick Garden Fair from Cottage Living.

The first thing I had to do is send the toddler home from the beach outing. After that, we invited everyone from the beach house where the main house is to Finchwick. Finchwick is not the beach, so we had to dress appropriately for a social gathering.

Mind you getting over a dozen people to an activity can be a chore but with some mods it does not take too long to tend to everyone’s needs as well as dealing with the needs of the children and dogs at home. Forgetting about those left at home can have a negative impact.

We had a little drama having this many Sims out at a gathering from one household. Jealousy has been coming up lately and it is not a trait I find productive but it is what it is.

The great-grandparents took some time out for themselves as well. I think I cut that out?

Other Sims from the world also showed up. A couple of them we had never seen before meanwhile I noticed at least one of the other family members from the very beginning of the game showed up.