Fallout 4 Abernathy Farm Sim Settlements Unfinished

Fallout 4 is more than just a shooting post-apocalyptic world. The building is a big draw to many of us. Along with mods like Sim Settlements where settlers can make their own homes, business, entertainment on and on as I use, hours can be spent building.

I have over a dozen settlements and I can not say any of them are complete. In my playthroughs the more you build and adapt to what the settlers want and/or what their needs are, the more money or caps (what they are called in Fallout 4) you will make. I am not broke in Fallout 4 haha. Another mod I use on just about all my settlements I want to point out is Castles in the sky. That and Cabin in the Woods. They are created by the same modder and I just think the two make sense and complement each other in this Fallout 4 world.

Anyhoo this is Abernathy Farm that has a trade route that goes right through the settlement and it is unfinished so the settlement is rather empty at this stage of the game. I have a hard time doing anything without the inspiration to do whatever and right now I am in Deathclaw Valley, another mod that has given me hours of playtime! Thank you to those who have given my videos a like and who hit the follow button. I do appreciate it! I can not say what I will be doing next, I never know either haha