Fallout 4 Wag The Dog Project Valkyrie

This quest from the Project Valkyrie Mod is Wag The Dog. 

It was a fun quest to do with one hiccup which was fixed easily with console commands. This has to do with the Brotherhood Of Steel.

 This is lore friendly, which I thought the mod author did a great job of. 

I did keep the boy’s father alive, there are options to kill him though. This is a long quest and detailed. Read the computers for the full story. You may have to stop at the terminals to read everything. This is my first playthrough of this mod. 

Around 51:00 I used the console commands to get into the ship. I did not cut that out of the video, the command is ~ tcl . Go to the floating door, then go into the ship. Worked on my game anyhoo ….

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