I made my way to Nuka World Transit Station ASAP. Why? Because my favorite character is there in Nuka World of course! Porter Gage is my favorite character in this game. Why? Because we are the ultimate power couple is why. My character being a educated women before the bombs fell she is cunning, beautiful and a smart women who made her way through a mans world. That mans world was called American law. She knows how that game is played. With her husband being shot in the head, he is dead. No coming back from that. 

We also met Harvey, who gets on my nerves to be honest. I killed him in other playthroughs but killing him did not give me the satisfaction I thought it would, so I just stay away from him. Harvey shows up everywhere!! Getting to be a joke here at home, “There’s Harvey AGAIN”!

My character upon meeting Porter Gage new it does not take a genius to figure out he is her ticket on top of this new world she now finds herself in. The world never did just hand over what she needs to survive, one has to take it. The old world rules just do not apply anymore. She has to learn these new rules and quick.

This is our introduction to “Redeye”. A colorful radio personality of the Nuka-World raiders. He is the intercom voice. If you do not hear his dialogue as you are playing this game, just give it up and load a save game. You have a bug, squish this sucker quick! Of course if you are like me you will have to find this out for yourself.

This was also very buggy for me. Once this bit is over then you are let loose, but you have to do this part to access Nuke World. You could “completequest”, but this is part of the main quest line. You will notice I could not talk to Porter Gage. You will also notice I used `SetStage DLC04MQ01 600, then 700, 800,900,1000 after killing Colter. Walla Gage spoke and opened the door. I think I missed dialogue if I recall my other play throughs…. 

You may notice my debug screen is on? I had issues with scripts. This video you will now start seeing my bat files in use. Fighting actually is not my first reason for playing this. I like the interaction between characters, the building, and the open world aspect. Though this play through there is more fighting then I had ever done, with of course some help. This is after all single player thank god! So heck, play the way you want to! 

You may hear other things going on that are not related to the game. I will try and cut this out. I play this on my big screen as I am on one of the other screens. I gave the mr one of my displays (as if he ever uses it), so I now have 4 displays connected to my gaming pc.

Save often!

For many of us there is a issue with using such things as the mini gun. It fires to rapidly or something rather. I don’t recall the setting to fix this. Look on the open web for there is a fix you put in your ini files.

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