Fallout 4 Power Play Quest

Power Play

Fallout 4 Power Play Nuka-World main quest. This is a fun quest to do, just give yourself time to complete it! There is a short cut to the top of the roof I may add a video of, when you get to the building it is on the side. Just jump up there.  I did […]

Fallout 4 Fritsch


Fritsch is one of the characters of Nuka-World. He fixes arcade machines which is very useful in a place like Nuka World. Fritsch also hands out side quests which will be covered shortly. Nice enough character. Out for himself of course but in a world like it is in this video game what does one expect? […]

Fallout 4 Porter Gage


Porter Gage is my favorite character in this game. Why I put up with all the bugs in the Nuka-World addon perhaps?  If you unpack the ba2 file and look into Gages dialogue, there is a lot of it! Meaning he is one of those characters you may hear the same lines said, though there […]

An Ambitious Plan

Ambitous Plan

Here we go. The choices you make will impact your playthrough.  I will be playing a Nuka Cola Raider this time. My Mr freaked out when I first announced this to him haha. Though he claims my playthrough is much more enjoyable to watch as a bad girl ha! I can not express how much […]

Fallout 4 Nuka World

Fallout 4 Nuka World Add On Packaging

I made my way to Nuka World Transit Station ASAP. Why? Because my favorite character is there in Nuka World of course! Porter Gage is my favorite character in this game. Why? Because we are the ultimate power couple is why. My character being a educated women before the bombs fell she is cunning, beautiful […]