Here we go. The choices you make will impact your playthrough. 

I will be playing a Nuka Cola Raider this time. My Mr freaked out when I first announced this to him haha. Though he claims my playthrough is much more enjoyable to watch as a bad girl ha!

I can not express how much I dislike The Disciples. Not sure if it is because they are rude? Perhaps it is the blood and gore?? I am not sure why I just do not like them! I just do not see a use for them. I understand the others perhaps? 

The Pack are simple, they dont like taking responsibility for themselves. Which is odd for they seam to do a well job of looking after animals. They look at themselves as nothing but animals. Animals are pretty simple. Mason is about as cute as can be. His personality is as if his father did not show his mother any respect and his mother took it like a good little girl. Mason also seams like the kind of man who over compensate for perhaps low self esteem.  I still find him desirable, tickles me to put him in his place from time to time haha!

The Operators, well the Operators are in this for the money. Sounds like they want to prove something to their parents?? These kinds are easy to figure out as well, they will do whatever it takes for the money. This can be dangerous too. The scientist Lizzy scares the crap out of me. The experiments she does on people tells me not to trust her as far as I can spit at her. Keep her close but do not take any food or water from her. Keep a eye on her at all times.

Sierra Petrovita stopped me in this video. That women .. another one of those that gets on my nerves. Than again I am not a fan of the quest she gives, “Cappy in a haystack”.

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