Porter Gage Pre-Relationship

Porter Gage is my favorite character in this game. Why I put up with all the bugs in the Nuka-World addon perhaps? 

If you unpack the ba2 file and look into Gages dialogue, there is a lot of it! Meaning he is one of those characters you may hear the same lines said, though there is so many of them you dont get tired of hearing the same ones now and again.

I do have a pre-relationship clip (added above), that I thought was genius of the creators to put in there, his behavior. He will not look at my character when she asks him direct questions of what he is thinking. They dont know each other at this point.

Porter does not like the use of drugs, including alcohol. Even though I have him using drugs. 

If you choose to not be the overboss of the Nuka-World raiders there is a chance that Porter will turn on you. With some console magic you can get him back. At least I did when I played that way.

Porter’s eye patch has came into question a time or two. Nothing is wrong with his eye so what my Mr. and I did is we came up with since this is 200 + years into the future the eye patch is not just a eye patch, it is a scope to help him aim his weapon. Porter Gage is a great shot.

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