Starfield Vid 2 First Ship Flying Lessons

Starfield continues. This is where we left off. We obtain our ship in a roundabout way by meeting characters which I know now are main characters.

There might be spoilers?? I personally would not call them spoilers for I am a dreadful fighter! I do cut out much of the fighting in this one for it is embarrassing for me to watch haha! I am more into the story line which depending on your choices can take the story in many different directions.

The flying lessons for me were very much needed! Again I am a loot queen, you were warned ha

I use an Xbox controller, keyboard, and mouse so you will see Xbox controller keys and the keyboard control keys come up. I had muted the music as well as turned down my graphics.

This too will be beamed over to the old fart gamers website when I take the time to do it.