Starfield Tourists Go Home

Starfield playthrough continues with Tourists Go Home. This quest I was not going to do, why? Well, when I started Starfield I knew very little about the game but from what I saw in the preview like everyone else. I did know we could have relationships. I chose early on to dive into a relationship with whom I did not know until I got the early release of the game. Sam Coe and his daughter Cora Coe are who I chose and those who know me in the real world know why.

With that said, I keep Sam’s affinity level pretty high and it seems to add dialogue to my game. That is my theory anyway and I didn’t know how Sam would react to such a quest. Not until I watched a streamer and how her game played out did I understand that there would be no consequences with this quest. In Tourists Go Home we are to scare off the tourists and the money the tourists bring in for the sake of the self riotous female dog who claims she wants this done for the sake of the people who live there. It appears to me it is for her own benefit and selfishness.

I added at the end a part of another video where a tourist is talking to us about the show we put on, made me laugh!