Starfield The Best There Is Crimson Fleet

Starfield continues with the Crimson Fleet questline “The Best There Is”. I went ahead with this questline to see how the story develops and plays out. Yes, I went to the dark side for this ha! Funny though Sam never rejected and only made a joke about his father always knew he would end up on their main ship haha. Sam also makes a few wisecracks about us being tied up with these folks. Funny thing – I read where all your crew would turn on you, but I did not have that experience in my playthrough.

Of course if like me you just wanted to go through the questline and roll back your game if you do not roll back far enough you will have to make the Crimson Fleet enemies again through the console if on PC. If playing on another platform I have no clue how you would go about doing that. I say I play with mods, but since the modding resources are not out as of yet I do console commands and those lockpicks. They take forever for me to do so fair warning ha

Oh, one of the ladies in Crimson Fleet I can not stand her omg!! She kisses her mother with that mouth of hers haha