Starfield The Beginning

Starfield is finally out if you did not know this. I pre-ordered the game though unlike other pre-ordered games from this gaming company I ordered in the past, I did not want to get my hopes up to high with this game. After 100 + hours of playing Starfield, I can say I really like this game!

I did however have to turn down my graphics, I muted the music oh I did something else too. I am playing this on my normal hard drive hub until my larger SSD arrives which will be in a couple days. I had a plan which meant if the game did not run smoothly I would put it onto my SSD. Well, the drive I thought was my SSD was not and I HATE games to be on my C drive. Thus purchasing both the Mr and I 2tb SSD’s.

What does all that mean? You will notice the voices needing to catch up with the lip files. They will talk then you will hear what they had said, rain messes things up. Too much activity in cities for instance has issues.

This all reminds me of playing FO4 without mods. The game is very much playable even though I have inconsistencies. I will find out in a couple of days what an SSD will do for the game.

One thing to note about this game so far. There might be spoilers but there are so many different ways to play this that for me anyway, spoilers are not a big deal. Actually, spoilers unless someone has the exact same set-up, and plays the exact same way there can not be spoilers is my thought pattern.