Starfield Shoza VIII Civilian Outpost Clear The Skies

Starfield playthrough continues on the Shoza System on the planet of Shoza VIII where we ran into a new Civilian Outpost. This newly developed outpost has some characters to interact with and get quests from. The first quest I got in this outpost was Clear The Skies.

I stuck around this planet for some time to survey it completely and get the lay of the land building an outpost of my own. I would like to see us be able to help these new colonists out someday by being able to add to their outpost. See what happens in the future since this is a new game.

This is a lovely planet at this spot with colorful trees and such. The creatures are a tad bit off-settling at first until you learn how to deal with them. I have been to a lot of planets and found this one to be quite nice. The day and night cycle is sure different!