Starfield Selling Ships

Starfield playthrough continues with selling ships. I did add in how to check what ships we have to sell on the fly. I added what I have done thus far in the game, statistically speaking.

Mod resources are not released as of yet, however, some smart folks are out there so I added a couple of modifications I had found on Nexus. The first two are clearly what everyone needs now and in the future if one is going to run mods (keep them updated). The last two I have the one, and the other looks like a great idea and I may get it myself.

If you are going to commandeer ships a few things to keep in mind, your cargo. The ship you commandeer may not have room for your cargo. It appears in my game I keep all my cargo. Another thing if you have a crew like mine is, your crew gets unassigned and may go back home. You have to reassign your crew who are in your home ship back to your home ship. In my game, it does not affect the crew I have assigned to whatever outpost.

I also found out that if you commandeer too many ships at a time without going back to your home ship after each commandeering, your crew gets all messed up! I fixed this by going into Shipbuilder and adding/subtracting a module. Accepting that then went back into my crew and assigned them.