Starfield Missed The Mark

Starfield Missed The Mark Quest. This is my most recent quest which some may see as a spoiler however, as with FO4 some people may get this quest others may not?
There are so many solar systems and planets that I have come across in my 194 hours of playing this game and all have quests, activities on and on.

This quest is on the planet Gagarin, say that ten times fast ha! Gagarin is in the Alpha Centauri system and the first time I had been here finishing up another quest/activity or whatnot.
At this point of my game, my character and Sam are “life partners”, another name for married. I am not sure how many outposts I have making me money. Everywhere I can sell my crap I do. I make a lot of money picking up everything, I quickened the video so you don’t have to sit through that ha! You are welcome. I also made the dreadful lockpicking faster to not have to sit through that nonsense. I tried stopping at the collectible “stuff”, but I am sure I missed some.
As in FO4 I am not much a fighter and you will see this. I see the fighting as the bad guys standing in my way of looting and getting on with the story. Weapons, Armor all that is not why I play these games. I am all into the story, building, and creating worlds for “people” to live.

I have the Mantis Armor and ship I customized to be for living on for my instant family and what 7 crew members now. My ship is also for carrying all my crap to sell to whomever I find to sell to. I figured out the economy really quickly in this game since having a nest egg is how you get what you want.

We are also trying to play a good girl, though at times it is not easy. I am all ready for mods to be in my game when mods come out. A lack of modding tools at this point. I see bat files, the script extender is out and installed. Some ship-building tools which is what I am looking for, building mods in general. Otherwise, bat files work really well and so easy to use.
The xbox controller drifts and you will see this – I have a theory of why it is doing this but have not taken the time to see if my theory is correct. I also use the keyboard and mouse obviously with bat files.