Starfield Meeting Ezekiel

Starfield playthrough continues with meeting Ezekiel first at Aggie’s Bar in Akila City, then we talk with him more to get to know him on my ship.

The voice of whom I want around me in these games (let’s face it in real life as well), is an important part of why I choose whatever character. The voice actor for Ezekiel is Matthew Mercer. It appears that his voicing work is known in several games not only Starfield.

With all that said, Ezekiel does not have the strong skills to make him a good crew member on a ship and my reason for bringing him along is to be a second follower. Yes in Starfield you are not allowed to have more than one follower unless you tweak the game. I like to get what I want and Bethesda Games is known as a gaming company that we can customize the game to how we play. My gaming style does not change because the game I am playing changes.

I also like Akila City, it is after all my favorite place to spend my time and I have purchased homes and built outposts on the planet so I could go back to the city with little effort to travel great distances.

I think I found a good workaround to have another follower so you may just see more of Ezekiel? We have so many more worlds to explore after all!