Starfield Mantis Ship

Starfield Playthrough. I got the Mantis ship and armor early on in the game. Level 10 or so?? I have worked on it at least three times now! This is what my ship looks like right now.

I have had up to four ships, you can take the enemy’s ship. You just have to pay the registration fee before selling it. Right now I have three ships, one of them was given to me by our character’s parents. My fleet is being called, “SpaceRunners” ha

One of the upgrades to my ship had to be shielded cargo holds. All my cargo holds are now shielded cargo holds as well as having a scrambler. I am a lotting queen and I take everything, Sometimes you pick up the illegal cargo in space or pick up suitcases as you are looting. You get in trouble for this if you know you have it on board or you don’t know. The game tells you if you have any. With this setup I am at 90% or something rather of them not finding anything on me.

I can have 7 crew members on board at this time. Not counting the crew at any of my outposts ( I still am working on more crew). I have several living quarters, well you will see. I forgot what I showed and what I did not show in the video so if there is a repeat sorry. It is a big ship. I get lost and was trying to move slowly instead of running like I usually do.