Starfield Looting Can Equal Profits

Starfield continues. I mentioned in chat the other day as we were joking around about looting, and cleaning up the junk in the game how I earned $44,000 by picking up all the junk after quests. I lied, it was $66,000. The proof is in the pudding, or um video ha!

Sure cleaning up takes time, but oh the money you can earn for that ship, or homes, or whatever you want to buy in Starfield is just lying around. I started doing things this way, that is waiting 24 hours to sell again for running around to all the vendors is a little bit of a pain…… sure you can cheat the money in, but what fun is that??

Of course, you can keep whatever you like to decorate your home/s, and outposts or do what I do and drop everything on the floor claiming you will get to it later haha j/k or am I?