Starfield Inter-System Cargo Link Supply Iridium To Shoza III

Starfield playthrough continues with a Supply Mission to supply Iridium to a Civilian Outpost on Shoza III by an Inter-System Cargo Link. As my son says, this all sounds logical and pretty easy…. Sure, let’s go with that.

I tried everything and I did put the things I tried mostly in the video. When I first arrived on Shoza III I put up an outpost. I did not realize it was right next to a Civilian Outpost until I found them. Sure we could go with that is why this Inter-System Cargo Link gave me issues, we could go with that. I do not think this had anything to do with my issues but hey whatever helps one through their day ya? haha I was disconnected from the link several times, reconnecting. I ran back and forth from my Outpost to the Civilian Outpost so I was glad I did not have to get into my ship or go to another planet or solar system. I have another one of these I will be working on tonight I started that I do have to fly everywhere.

I stayed put and babysat this mission. Feeling that is why I got it finished perhaps?? I passed the time in the game doing more things than I showed here. Once the connection was stable and the Iridium was being moved, it was just a matter of manually placing the needed Iridium into the outgoing container. Nothing worked on auto, I cursed the supply ship captain off-camera. This of course didn’t make me any friends ha

I finally moved the storage containers closer to the outgoing box, unlinking my ship and connecting those. I still had to manually place the supplies into the outgoing container. I made a Fuled Generator, that was useless. Helium-3 was being eaten up so fast it was like a child in a candy shop. Once we had some supplies being delivered we knew it all worked even though the mission did not say we had a connection.

This did work and it did make me feel I had accomplished something.