Starfield Groundpounder and Clear Altair II More

Starfield playthrough continues. We are in the Altair system helping out. This is a long quest! The ending of the video got corrupted so I did it again so I could finish up this video. You can tell I knew what was going to happen.

Video corruption happens from time to time. I don’t think I cleared the planet on video, I went to the coast where I found fish swimming to clear the planet.

The first part of the video is on my HDD, Second part is on my SSD. I had remapped time in the video to 500% so you don’t have to watch as I “clean up” the place of everything that I can sell. I also detached the audio and deleted it so you don’t have to hear nonsense, I noticed I forgot a part opps. I also went back to normal video of things I thought were of interest.

I commandeered a ship from the Ecliptic makes five ships I own. “Second Thoughts”, Mission is within this quest. Settlers came to realize this planet was not for them and asked for a ride back to the city.

Again, this video could have spoilers within, but we all play differently. I have Sam with me, and Vasco who is supposed to stay at the entrance of the ship jumps into the fighting as well. Again, I am not into the fighting as others are, I am into the building and the story aspects of the game.

My xbox controller also drifts or downright jumps at times. I could have cut this video up into several, but oh well –