Starfield Eye Of The Storm Crimson Fleet 1 OF 2

Starfield playthrough continues with the Crimson Fleet. The full video is two hours plus long for the full story of The Eye Of The Storm. Because the first take of this quest the video got corrupted and I did it again is why I think I got the docking bug? That is, I was unable to dock to finish the quest.

After several attempts nothing worked for me, I went and put my newer saves into my backup save folder which is on another drive save and sound. I added a save, tested taking that save that did not work putting it back into the secure backup file, added another, and tested until I found a save that would work. This is how I fixed this docking bug I had. I stopped the video when the bug was apparent and wrote what I did.

In this quest, we have to install The Conduction Grid and the ComSpike Modules onto our ship to be able to get to the Legacy. On board the legacy we are looking for two Transfer Modules. I think I picked up all the GalBank Legacy Recordings as well? These recordings tell us much more of the story and for me, that is what I like is a good story.

When leaving the ship I did use the scanner to point the way for it is very confusing to leave the ship. We basically make the Crimson Fleet wealthier than they have ever been. This is how my playthrough played out. I should add that I use my X-box controller, keyboard and mouse, and console commands.