Starfield Echoes Of The Past Crimson Fleet 2 3

Starfield playthrough continues with the quest Echoes Of The Past 2 of 3 videos on the Crimson Fleet questline. I did break this up into three videos since this quest is long and over three hours of video.

We are in the prison looking for clues to Kryx’s Legacy. We have Mathis Castillo with us.

The creatures in this quest are level five, so if like me you waited for some to do these quests you may not have an issue with level five creatures. I am not much of a fighter tbh.

Why did I break this video up? I felt three hours was just too long even though I did have the video uploaded I took it down to cut it into hour chunks.

Anyhoo this was my playthrough and finding everything took some time. I did not loot as I usually do.