Starfield Dream Home

Starfield playthrough continues with my Dream Home. This is a trait you can get at the beginning of the game. You can change these traits within the game and I did consider removing this trait then thought no, I have a use for this home in my game.

This is what my house looks like at this point. I do not expect my house to stay this way. When the modding resources drop I expect this will help many of us with this trait. At this point, I have all my decorations pretty much boxed up (not to mention the illegal stuff I place in boxes until I get around to selling it off). I am working slowly on decorating and such but at this point moving items to display them is frustrating.

I do have a room for Cora and then we have our room. I have not touched the bathrooms or the outside. I am hoping we get functioning bathrooms as in Fallout 4, and other items our characters can interact with. I noticed there is a couple thus far in Starfield but I have a feeling so much more is going to happen with this game once modding is available. Sure bat files are helping and you can see I do use these. I like to have what I want and building is a huge thing for me for I like doing this.

Before I did anything with my house I paid the thing off. Nothing would tick me off more than putting the junk I want somewhere and then having said wanted junk to disappear due to me forgetting to make payments or whatever.