Fallout 4 Mod List

I do try and keep up with this list, but…. I get busy. Be mindful that these mods work on my machine. I do use some tools such as Loot, FO4Edit, and others. I am always working on my load order so it seems.

Current Game Dec 2023

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+City of Quincy
+Luxor’s Summer Pine Trees Edition
+Grasslands 2.0 Pre-Release 1
+Far Object LOD Improvement Project
+NAC X Legacy edition
+Tina De Luca Voiced as a Settler with AI (Dependency Re-revisited) v1.0
+Project Valkyrie AM2 Patch
+Fourville AM2 Patch
+Depravity Patch AR2
+Creation Club Delayed Main File
+The Train – Version 4
+Mega Pack – One Year v1.0.3 Preview
+Sim Settlements Mega Pack – Year One 1.0.5
+Transfer Settlements
+ASE 2.0.2
-Load Order Dividers – Helpful Labels for Manual Sorting
+America Rising 2 – Legacy of the Enclave
+Wasteland Dairy Framework
+Visible Companion Affinity
+Visible Companion Affinity – MCM Settings Menu
+Nude Male Cut Erect
+A-Body – Male Body Replacer
-Just a hairy male body
+BodySlide and Outfit Studio
+Ultimate AAF Patch
+ZeX – ZaZ Extended Skeleton
+Josie Body 2 – CBBE Bodyslide Preset
+Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
-XDI Wolfmark Fix Preconfigured
-XDI Patch
+Workshop Framework
+Working Table Lamps
+Working Escalators
+WoodysWasteland Stuff
+Whisper’s Institute Build Pieces
+Wasteland Resources
+Wasteland Imports 1.52
+Visible Galaxy – Stars Sold Seperately
+V3 – Nuka World DLC
+Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
+Unlimited Companion Framework
+The Most Immersive Coffee Mod Ever EVER 1.1.0
+The Master Plan
+The Commonwealth Responders 1.9 (XWM)
+The Castle Tunnels Settlement
+Stone Workshop Objects
+SOU All in one
+Snappy Housekit 9.2.2
+Inside Jobs
+Snap’n Build 2.0
+Sleep Together Anywhere v.01.2
+Singing Settler
+Simple Settlers
+Sim Settlements – Settlers of the Commonweath – City Leaders
+Sim Settlements
+Settlers of the Commonwealth
+Settlers Go Shopping ESL
+Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul
+Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
+Settlement Markers
+Settlement Management Software (loose files)
+Settlement Keywords Expanded v1.60
+Settlement Electricity Overhaul
+SavageCabbages Animation Pack
+Sarcastic Sneak
+Renovated Furniture 5.1 Archive Version
+Rename Anything 2.6.12
+Realistic Conversations
+Radiant Birds
+Project Valkyrie
+Project Mojave Workshop Pack
+Project Mojave Outfit Pack
+Project Mojave – Main Files (Early Access v0.2)
+Player Comments and Head Tracking
+Placeable FX ESL
+Place (Fallout4 1.10.163 – latest release)
+Outcasts and Remnants
+Orphans of the Commonwealth
+Old Time Religion
+OAR and Depravity Patch
+NukaMarket Reborn 1.4
+Nuka-World Fizztop Grille Workshop
+No Negative Affinity and No Affinity Cooldown
+No Lollygagging Settlers
+No Brotherhood Hostility (No Preset Lock)
+Nightstrikers 3.1 Update
+Move That Workbench
+Mouse’s Manuscript
+Mojave Mantises
+Mojave Geckos
+Mojave Cazadores
+Mojave Bighorners
+Mod Configuration Menu 1.39
+Miami Misadventures – Episode 1
+MEC – Male Eye Candy Poses
+Maxwells World
+Maxwell’s World – Extended Dialogue Interface Patch
+MadKea – 500 Workshop items – Settlement
+Loyal Porter Gage
+Kuro Tab
+Kraggles Structures – Piers Prefabs and Terrain
+Ki’s Clean Diner
+Ketaros World
+Interaction Animations Main
+ILER – Animation Edition (AAF)
+ICS Wifi Router Generators and such
+HUDFramework 1.0f
+Homemaker – Expanded Settlements
+Gun For Hire – Main File
+Grass Blocks Version 2
+G2M – Workshop
+Fusion City Rising v.1.0
+Fourville – The Creators Update
+Fourville – Depravity Patch
+Filled Weapon Displays
+Filled Brahmin Feed and Water Troughs
+FCOM-AR2 Patch
+FCOM 3.11
+Far Harbour Paradise UPDATE 2
+Fallout Instrument Pack
+Fallout 4 AI Overhaul
+Fallout 4 – Point Lookout
+Extended Dialogue Interface 1.3.6
+Dynamic Window Blinds
+Diverse Children
+Deathclaw valley
+CWSS Redux v
+Cryss Greenhouses
+Crime And Punishment Main File
+CREAtive Clutter v
+Crafting Fury 9000 GTX
+Craftable Institute Elevator – Mark VI
+ConcordNPCOverhaul – Complete 3.0
+Clean Settlement Homemaker Greenhouses
+Child Outfits Vanilla Standalone Ver 1.3
+CatDeco Floors
+Cartographers Map Markers (Fallout 4 Edition)
+Capital Wasteland Radscorpions
+Capital Wasteland Bobbleheads and Mojave Snow Globes (Vault 101)
+CAP and Depravity Patch
+Butcher Meat Rack
+Busy Settlers
+Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces (no NPC burns)
+Better Manufacturing
+Atomic Lust
+Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
+Animated Ingestibles – Food and Drink – octodecoy’s version
+All In One
+Advanced Animation Framework Basic Animations Theme
+Advanced Animation Framework
+Addres Library
+AAF Vanilla-Kinky-Creatures Sex Animation Themes
+AAF Vanilla Sex Animations Theme
+[Settlement] Mystic Pines
*DLC: Far Harbor
*DLC: Nuka-World
*DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop
*DLC: Wasteland Workshop
*Unmanaged: DLCCoastbackup
*DLC: Contraptions Workshop
*DLC: Automatron

Previous Games Mods 2022-2023 or so?

ccfsvfo4002-midcenturymodern.esl cceejfo4001-decorationpack.esl ccbgsfo4045-advarccab.esl ccfsvfo4003-slocum.esl ccbgsfo4050-dgbcoll.esl ccbgsfo4053-dggoldr.esl ccbgsfo4054-dggreatd.esl ccbgsfo4055-dghusk.esl ccbgsfo4060-dgrot.esl cceejfo4002-nuka.esl ccbgsfo4027-powerarmorskingreen.esl ccbgsfo4034-powerarmorskinyellow.esl ccbgsfo4030-powerarmorskinpurple.esl cckgjfo4001-bastion.esl ccjvdfo4001-holiday.esl ccfsvfo4005-vrdesertisland.esl ccgcafo4025-pagunmm.esl Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp ArmorKeywords.esm XDI.esm HUDFramework.esm WorkshopFramework.esm AAF.esm SS2.esm Geckos.esl Cazadors.esl IDEKsLogisticsStation2.esl INVB_Outfits_Framework.esp INVB_OverlayFramework.esp Knockout Framework.esm lnrLMFO4AllInOne-PubesForeverOverlays.esl Mantis.esl Oberland Station Scavenger Paradise.esl ProjectMojave.esm RedRocket Happycity 1.esl EthreonMasterPlan.esm RSE_II_Resources.esm MutantMenagerie.esm SS2_XPAC_Chapter2.esm MutantMenagerie_FarHarbor.esm CWPointLookoutFO4.esm Tenpines Buff A fortified village.esl FalloutInstrumentPack.esl MutantMenagerie_NukaWorld.esm MutantMenagerie_PointLookout.esm ClassicBobbleheads.esl TortureDevices.esm CWPointLookoutFO4Patch.esl PMWorkshopPack.esl PMOutfitPack.esl Bighorner.esl GrassBlocks.esl CWSS Redux.esp VotWMaster.esm VotWSpecialVideos.esl unlockedsettlementobjects.esm Settlement Electricity Overhaul.esm Homemaker.esm Snap’n Build.esm SettlementKeywords.esm hangmansalley.esl SS2WorkshopHUDOverride.esl Devious Devices.esm GoodOldCartoonsBonus.esl RadioactiveSignsAIO.esl SteamMistFogConstr.esl AAFThemes.esl WG Point Lookout Stlmts Pack ESL.esl CWRadscorpions.esl lnrLMFO4AllInOne-AdditionalPubicHairOverlays.esl Not Your Average Neon.esl mrsrrdecor.esp AVOC DLC Patch.esp SS2Extended.esp INVB_WastelandStory.esp INVB_WastelandDairy.esp The Sanctuary Bridge.esp Unique NPCs – Creatures and Monsters.esp AA FusionCityRising.esp AA 50 Ways To Die.esp FP_FamilyPlanningEnhanced.esp AAF_SEU.esp AAF_debug_on.esp Depravity.esp INVB_WastelandOffspring.esp Fallout 4 AI Overhaul.esp MilkThatBrahmin.esp ProjectValkyrie.esp Nuka-World Fizztop Grille Workshop.esp MagnoCumGaudio.esp SS2WastelandVenturers.esp AdvancedNeeds2.esp OutcastsAndRemnants.esp Atomic Lust.esp FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp ImmersiveLoversEmbraceMagnolia.esp ImmersiveLoversEmbraceRemastered.esp Miami Misadventures EP1.esp NightstrikerCreatureMod.esp InstituteSettlements2.esp BetterStores.esp ohSIM_Sim2_Settlements_Scrappers_Addon.esp RSE_II_CSA.esp SleepIntimate.esp MadKea-01.esp NWS_Shei.esp [SS2 Addon] SimSettlements SuperStructures.esp AkaWaterWorld.esp BS-ExtraCustomProps.esp SS2-Jampads2.esp JunkTownTwo.esp Kraggles – Structures.esp Snappy_HouseK.esp BS-FarHarborExpansion.esp Better_Stores_PC_Fix.esp Boats.esp rxl_bp70_animations.esp BrighterSettlementLights_ExtraBrightv1.1.esp BuildableBurningCampfires.esp BusySettlers.esp ButcherMeatRack.esp CabinInTheWoods.esp CBBE.esp CastleInTheSky.esp SS2_FDK_TinyLiving.esp CleanSettlement Homemaker Greenhouses.esp CompanionFaceOverhaul.esp InsElevator.esp SOU All-in-one.esp Eli_Crafting Shiz 9000.esp Flashy_CrimeAndPunishment.esp MarketRedone.esp Flashy_CrimeAndPunishment_Depravity_Patch.esp FNVCompanions.esp FPE_Resources.esp Grasslands – Healthy.esp g2m_Workshop_Nexus.esp Rebalance Project – Healthier Commonwealth.esp Homemaker – Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp Homemaker – Unlocked Institute Objects.esp ICS Router.esp IDEKsLogisticsStation2_SS2_Patch.esp INVB_Enslavement.esp INVB_Impregnation_LL.esp INVB_Outfits_Framework_AWKCR.esp INVB_Outfits_Framework_UFO4.esp INVB_OverlayFramework_PubicHair_ygcxsw.esp INVB_WastelandResources.esp SS2-Jampads2-UniqueNPCsCreaturesPatch.esp SS2-Jampads2_ImportsSJPatch.esp JunkTown-FENCES2.esp Just Business.esp KURO.esp LazmansPoses.esp LightUp2.0.esp Live Dismemberment – Brutal.esp Live Dismemberment – Insane-o.esp Live Dismemberment – Liebermode.esp Live Dismemberment – Mental.esp Live Dismemberment – Mind-Blowing.esp Live Dismemberment – POSTAL.esp Live Dismemberment – Regular.esp LooksMenu.esp nuka_world_settlements.esp RBMECPoses.esp move that workbench!.esp NoLollygagging.esp OCDecoratorDLC.esp OCDecorator.esp OCDispenser.esp AllSetsExtended.esp A Variety of Containers.esp SS2_ruined_simsettlement_addonpack.esp RadiantBirdsv05.esp RohZima_RealAnimatedPoses.esp Realistic_conversations.esp AES_Renovated Furniture.esp SS2_CityPlanPack_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp RSE_II_CSA_RacePatch.esp PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp SettlementMenuManager.esp SS2-PraRandomAddon.esp SimHomestead2.esp SimSettlements2_AddOnPack_ApocalypticAdditions_SirLach.esp unlockedsettlementobjects_menuoverride.esp unlockedsettlementobjectssp.esp uso_awkcr_patch.esp Vault4.esp Vendor.esp PlayerComments.esp ws_pubes.esp FarHarbourParadise.esp Synthesis.esp FusionGirl.esp 3DNPC_FO4.esp MojaveImports.esp MRSRR_FOOD.esp Ki_Diner.esp Deathclaw_valley.esp FunctionalDisplays-Collectibles.esp FunctionalDisplays.esp FunctionalDisplays-MISC-Weightless.esp MaxwellsWorl.esp TU3SD4Y’S Commonwealth Responders.esp FOLIP – New LODs.esp Flashy_CrimeAndPunishment_GunForHire_Addon.esp Wasteland_Hamburgers.esp 3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp DeadInvisibleBodiesFix_ROF.esp PACER.esp Onthefens.esp RedWave.esp [Settlement] Mystic Pines.esp WestonWaterLOD.esp OldTimeReligion.esp CartographersMapMarkers Commonwealth.esp SS2_GunForHire_Patch.esp CryssGreenhouse.esp MrsRRObjects2.esp creativeclutter.esp RoninsVaultPieces.esp SimSettlements2ChildSupport.esp SS2Extended_OutfitInjectionPatch.esp EFF.esp unlockedsettlementobjectsmashups.esp SS2AOP_VaultTecTools.esp SS2WastelandReconstructionKit.esp VotWSpecialVideos.esp MRR-Objects.esp NPC Spawner.esp FunctionalDisplays-AID-Weightless.esp FunctionalDisplays-Patch-DLC-ALL-Weightless.esp FO4LODGen-DLCCoast.esp FO4LODGen-DLCNukaWorld.esp FO4LODGen-DLCWorkshop03.esp FO4LODGen-FullModelLOD.esp Optimized Vanilla Tree LODs.esp FO4LODGen-HighTrees.esp FO4LODGen.esp FO4LODGen-DLCCoast-WindTurbines.esp LOD Fixes and Additons.esp Luxor’s Summer – All DLCs.esp Splash of Pine Trees.esp CartographersMapMarkers NukaWorld.esp FilledBrahminFeedTroughs.esp CartographersMapMarkers FarHarbor.esp LadyKillerBed.esp AkaSinger.esp AkaSinger-QuieterSoundPatch.esp AkaSingersWardrobe.esp NoBoSHostility.esp FactionMaintenance.esp Sarcastic Sneak.esp mso_sms.esp NoAffinityCooldown.esp NoNegativeAffinityNoFucks.esp GoodOldCartoonsBonus.esp SS2_NobodysLeaders2.esp SS2_NobodysLeaders2_Automatron.esp SS2_NobodysLeaders2_VaultTecWorkshop.esp SS2WhisperPowerPlots.esp SS2WalledGardensAndMore.esp MyLOD.esp InstituteBuildPieces.esp AAF_AutonomyEnhanced.esp AdvancedNeeds2_Expansion_03_AAF.esp Dynamic Window Blinds.esp WastelandResources.esp V’s Scavver Art.esp MaxwellsWorl XDI Patch.esp hzs easy homebuilder and working double beds.esp MoreVaultRooms.esp NWM_House.esp MrsRRObjects.esp INVB_Impregnation_OF.esp LooksMirror.esp SavageCabbage_Animations.esp BS-FunctionalDisplaysPatch.esp SS2_DLCSettlerPatch.esp SS2_XDI Patch.esp SS2-PraRandomAddon-FIS.esp WorkshopFramework_ScriptOverride.esp



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Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop Add On Packaging
Fallout 4 Vault Tec Workshop Add On Packaging
Fallout 4 Nuka World Add On Packaging
Fallout 4 Far Harbor Add On Packaging
Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop Add On Packaging
Fallout 4 Automatron Add On Packaging
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