The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 4 Take Us Back

This episode of The Walking Dead called Take Us Back is the completion of Clems story. While the kids are getting out of the fight they won, they still need to get back home.

Family, trust, betrayal, and lots of walkers on their way home.

I died a few times in this one too. You will see the controller went out a few times and the keyboard keys took over. I am not that fast at switching from controller to keyboard.

I did like the flashbacks of Lee, and of where Clem found little AJ and got him out of there. The ending credits were clever! I did once again mute the music, due to legalities.

There are still three videos to go about this world of walkers. One is called 400 Days, and two videos are of Michonne. I will have them up momentarily.

Thank you for watching my gameplay of the walking dead!

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