The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 3 What We Deserve

In this episode of The Walking Dead called What We Deserve those who the thieves stole from are after us. We burned down their settlement and killed several of their people. Holding up in the family home of the thieves we are taking care of the younger siblings who have done nothing wrong, they really do not deserve to be involved in this mess. The older brother is now dead, and so is their father.

Misdirected anger from the younger siblings is understandable. They do not know the truth, nor are they going to know the truth. The younger siblings nor the father act as if they knew how the older siblings were getting their food and supplies to survive, by stealing. I am not sure how we could have avoided the thieves, to begin with. Or if we were supposed to? I just went with it from the get-go, we were caught with the thieves and had no way out of it. Or was there?


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