The Walking Dead 400 Days

In The Walking Dead 400 Days, we look at the lives of several individuals as the world was going to walkers. Why, and how they survived the first wave.

Vince. Vince made some bad choices and we meet him on a prison bus taking the prisoners to their prison home, 2 days in.

Shel. Shel is with a group in a diner. Shel is trying to take care of her little sister Becca, starting at 236 days in.

Bonnie. We meet Bonnie as she is with a couple. Apparently Bonnie is coming off some kind of drug, 220 days in.

Russell. We meet Russell 184 days in. Russell is trying to get to his grandmothers house.

Wyatt. We meet Wyatt and his friend 41 days in running from some people.

On day 400 are choices to make.

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