Sims 4 Main Family

This is my main family in Sims 4 just chilling at home.
Most of my established sims are grandparents or have grown children. Most of, not all but most of my main sims I have been playing them for a long time now. A lot of backstory with every one of them. My main sims are of a crime family. Not all of them, but most of the older sims have a big enough bank account they do not have to live in one home, in fact, they have other homes (some of them having families living in these homes), businesses and are retired from careers they get retirement pay every month from.
There is The grandfather that is Troy and of course what he says goes. His son Eric, and grandson Frank all run the show. Some of the wives are not women to mess with either.
We do have several cops. One is retired, but this is how our family had information the cops had. Even though several of our sims have had prison time so sometimes we do not have all the information we need.
The home I got from the community and tweaked it to my liking. The dogs even have their own bungalow since they attack strangers and would escape. So I made them their own space and made it so that my sims spend a lot of time with the dogs. The dogs have their own bed and shower. I put the toilet, bbq, table, chairs, desk, tv, and computer in there so sims would spend time with the dogs. Perhaps I will let them back inside the house if I could get all the doors locked for them? The dogs were passed down from family members who died.
Everything works in the home. In fact, I cut out some scenes that are not good for everyone’s eyes since my Sims 4 game is for grown women ha!
I play with quite a few mods. Not a game for everyone, but I sure like it.

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