Sims 4 Great Granddaughter being born

Sims 4 playthrough continues with the birth of a great-granddaughter!

Troy is the great-grandfather to Jessica and does not seem to be impressed. Troy is not a baby person in general.

Eric could not be happier than to have a grandbaby to play with and take care of. He loves babies and children of his own. He takes more care of the baby than his son, Frank, or Frank’s wife Sally.

I made a couple of edits. One Frank does not sleep in clothing. This was not my idea and not sure why his bedtime clothing does not show up. Many people sleep this way but I felt for youtube I best cut out his nakedness so my video does not get flagged.

Two Copyrighted music. This was not a huge biggy to youtube, however, it clearly says the copyright owner has permission to be in the videos admin. That is not something I am comfortable with so I took the video down, muted the music, and reuploaded the video.

YouTube comment function is much better than what I can make so I have comments turned off here, you can comment over there. I write more over here for this is my home and I feel funny writing so much over there on my youtube channel. I can say what I like here ha.