Sims 4 Caught Cheating

Sims 4 Family Drama.

This even caught me by surprise! I think the dog told on Juanita and Wolf. I really don’t know how Micky found out, but he did and all heck broke loose between the two. Actually they are still trying to repair the damage to their relationship in my game today.

Because Wolf is also married but his wife at this time lives in their home, I moved her into the family so this kind of behavior hopefully won’t happen again.

Backstory – Since I was not recording at the time this is what went down.

Juanita at one time had a more active role in the 5th Street Gang. Juanita gathered information on the men who were part of the gang. Juanita is the one who found out that Wolf was a undercover agent sent to infiltrate the gang to use as a bust of their criminal activity with law enforcement.

This case Wolf put together on the 5th Street Gang got the gang busted. Juanita did her part of finding out who betrayed them.

This is also the beginning of growth of the 5th Street Gang having law enforcement within the Gang itself. Now the 5th Street Gang has several law enforcement family members who deal with any criminal behavior that gets noticed by the government.

Apparently, Juanita and Wolf felt it was a good idea to keep this affair going. There was even a child produced by this affair that Micky, being the man that he is took and raised as his own child.