Horizon Zero Dawn Makers End

Maker’s End is part of the main quest line in Horizon Zero Dawn and is a ruin up north. As you journey up north, on foot or on a mount you will run into a bandit camp. I was going to leave the bandit camp alone in this video until I saw captured people in cages.

I do override machines in my journeys. They will fight for us after all. Unlike Forbidden West, we do not get to ride the birds but there are other options. My personal favorite is the Broadheads. All of these are machines so I don’t get attached to them as if they are living creatures. I will repair them for my needs.

I have to remind myself that ripping out the bellies of machines does not work all that well, but I do it anyways …. Do not to forget the power cell way up on top of the ruins.

In this game, we have the option to play quests again with our equipment. Technical difficulties had me playing this again with much better-quality of videos. They all had audio haha

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