Horizon Forbidden West Interlude The Point Of The Lance

Interlude The Point of the Lance

This is the first Interlude in Horizon Forbidden West called The Point of The Lance.

We start where we left off in The Reach For The Stars quest, making our way West. These Interludes are quests, kind of. They are more about telling the story than playing. Rather short though we do get points for completing them.

I did mute the song that plays due to legalities I do not want to deal with. Also, the PlayStation puts a banner up every so often saying it is going to shut down, never does.

If you are playing with an Xbox controller as I am doing, sometimes I hit the wrong button forgetting I am not using a PlayStation controller. Mr and I have been known to start laughing at this as I am playing ha (laughing more at my colorful language perhaps). My ps4 is connected to my computer, thus allowing me to use my Xbox controller. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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