Fallout 4 Where There Is Smoke Sim Settlement Quest

Fallout 4 Where There Is Smoke is from the Sim Settlements Mod.

We meet up with Jake at the hardware store where we find him tinkering. Jake asks us to tune the radio, and this took me what seemed like forever to get right!

We then track down the enemy. This one you have to look around, it does not give you the exact location. Does not help it is nighttime in my game in parts of this.

We meet Aiden in this quest. If you have not met Aiden haha he and Jake remind me of an old married couple haha

My character is pregnant. You may see her belly, this is why. Oh, and you will notice when I loot the dead bodies, I take everything! Though I do try and cut out my looting for I can be on this task a long time!!

I am trying to put the map in as much as possible these days. Forgetting to put the subtitles on, oops. This quest is not a go fetch, bring it back quest. This one you need some time to do. Then I run more than this set of mods, so I do get glitches and such.