Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human
Detroit Become Human is a story-driven, adventure game where your choices matter as to how the game plays out.
I enjoy this game so much that I bought it on the ps4 and on the computer.
There is Markus.

Markus was given as a present from the creator of the androids to Carl (Lance Henriksen for us who follow him and typically say his last name wrong haha), who is an artist who needs help getting around. This is what Markus was made for and has a unique appearance from other androids.
Carl taught his android to think for himself as well as encouraged higher education. Carl is such a great owner no android wants to leave his side.
There is Connor.
Connor is made for police work. He is brought in when androids clash with humans. Connor works with a detective named Hank.

The two are given the case as to why androids are acting strange.
There is Kara.

Kara is made for domestication work. Cooking, cleaning taking care of the children and home.

Kara was purchased for taking care of a father and his daughter.