Days Gone Modded 3

The Days Gone story continues.

My goal here is to grind until my bike gets the parts it needs and to get better weapons to protect my buttocks from those zombies.

I say I am not into shooting games, yet here we are again involved in a shooter game haha

I did very little editing to these videos, meaning when I die, and I do die, I don’t cut that out. Some deaths I am embarrassed about since they are rookie mistakes, but hey I do have a capable son in the other room who tells me just keep trying! So I keep trying.

As I said before this is modded, the mods used are at the end of the video.

I am impressed with how the creators captured our landscape, even the commentary about tourists makes us laugh! My Mr is involved in the PC version now too. Both of us played this when it first came out on the ps4. Now out on PC.