Days Gone Modded 2

The Days Gone journey continues in this modded game.

We meet new people and new enemies as we crack the mystery of our character’s wife. Is she alive or dead?

I am doing very little editing on these. I do stop the game to take care of other things so I hope I cut those out, seeing I can be gone a while. If I die, and I do die haha, I dint cut this out. I do not die gracefully but you do not hear my sailor talk anyways haha 😀

Those dang trees continue to jump out in front of me, dang things! I think I am getting better at dodging them though.

Days Gone is made here in the area where we live. They did a wonderful job of capturing the landscape and the beauty of our area. The zombies were added in, really they were! I do catch myself just looking around…. As always (unless I forget), the mods I am using are at the end of the video.