Days Gone Modded 11

Days Gone Playthrough Continues. We meet new characters and have new experiences and see new places.

We do the quest ” What Have They Done ” at the Belknap Caves National Monument (which is in the county where I was born and raised). Lisa is in trouble and we go in to get her. Sometimes I think she would have been better off at this point if she was left where she was doing fine at.

We are also taking Bill to get him some real medical help. I also did not mute the copyrighted music as I was playing the game, so I felt I had to mute the music in this video or have a copyright claim against my account was sure to happen. Good music but it is copyrighted. I did separate the dialogue from the music but it sounded terrible to my ears, so I chose to just mute it. We have to deal with the consequences in the quest ” No Place Else To Go “