Leaving the Vault

Fallout 4 The Backup

If you notice Kellogg says, “At least we have a backup”, as he looks at our character. Therefore I called this, “The Backup”.

This is leaving the Vault. When walking to the exit it is advised to make a hard game save. This way if anything goes wrong you have the game save to go back too. Not a horrible idea to move that game save to another part of your pc, if on a pc. 

Of course I had, and have not done this. When I have it was great of course. When I dint, choice words came out of my mouth! You can guess what those words were….

I do have a tenancy to change the way my character looks when the mood strikes me. You can do this after you leave the vault as well either the formal way, or through the console commands. 

I never understood why my sons years back had notebooks full of these commands, I sure understand this now!

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