fallout 4 bat files

Here we are going to make .bat files for Fallout 4. bat files are simple, but useful tool that do run in Fallout 4. I use bat files often, saves me time.

In the video I make a bat start file. That is when I start my game I can run the bat file, or use the start bat file when I want too.

My bat start files looks like this,

setgs fJumpHeightMin 500

In the video I have one more that is not in this new game bat start file.

tgm = God Mod. God mod is do anything you like you wont die.

setgs fJumpHeightMin 500 = jump and the 500 is supposed to be feet if I remember correctly. You can change the 500 to anything, just keep in mind you HAVE to have tgm on or you will die when you come back down. What goes up must come down. Again you can turn this on or off in your console, “bat start” will turn it on. Again, “bat start” turns it off. Save this bat file as, “start.txt” in D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4. Of course yours might be F:/ or whatever. Rarely do I use the C:/ for anything other then must have programs for my pc! 

Lets do another one. I like to build so lets do a build.txt file. You may copy and paste the code itself if you like. I place these in notepad, then save. Use whatever txt file program of your choice.

player.additem 001bf72e 5000
player.additem 0006907a 5000
player.additem 000aec5c 5000
player.additem 000aec5b 5000
player.additem 000aec5e 5000
player.additem 0006907b 5000
player.additem 000aec5f 5000
player.additem 00106d99 5000
player.additem 0006907c 5000
player.additem 000aec60 5000
player.additem 0006907d 5000
player.additem 00069087 5000
player.additem 000aec61 5000
player.additem 0006907e 5000
player.additem 00069085 5000
player.additem 000aec62 5000
player.additem 000aec63 5000
player.additem 000aec64 5000
player.additem 00069086 5000
player.additem 001bf732 5000
player.additem 0006907f 5000
player.additem 00106d98 5000
player.additem 00069081 5000
player.additem 000aec66 5000
player.additem 00069082 5000
player.additem 000731a4 5000
player.additem 000731a3 5000

I have saved this as build.txt. When I want to run this I will open console “`” “bat build”. The file will than run. You will be over weight. Run this near a workbench so you can place all the building material right into the workbench! Dont run this more then one time, or do and have enough building material for the next 200 yrs!!

Another, bat food or the text file will be saved as food.txt

Player.additem 000330F8 500
Player.additem 0004a13f 500
Player.additem 000f742e 500
Player.additem 0002fbe4 500
Player.additem 0004a151 500
Player.additem 00046942 500
Player.additem 000330fa 500
Player.additem 00101293 500
Player.additem 000330b4 500
Player.additem 001847b6 500
Player.additem 000fafeb 500
Player.additem 0021c00c 500
Player.additem 000330f0 500
Player.additem 000e377a 500
Player.additem 000366be 500
Player.additem 000366c0 600
Player.additem 00023736 500

You can add to this list, take off from this list whatever you like! Again you are going to be overweight unless off course you run the bat start file. 

You can do a lot with bat files! Have fun with them!

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