Fallout 4 Quality Assurance

This is a Fallout 4 unmarked quest and my first walk through of this quest. I always avoided this quest, however thought I might as well do it. If you are just plum frustrated and do not want to watch the video jump to the end of the post.

There are three different rooms that have quests to complete, finish one and the next room door opens. If the door does not open walk back out of the door and back again, or this worked for me. There are bugs within this quest…. surprise haha! Hey this is what makes this a fun game right? I could not find the baby bottle in my inventory for nothing, though I have way to much junk for I tend to pick up everything…. 

First room, turn off radio

Second room the baby bottle needs to go into the crib (I read) or placed into the teddy bear. I just added the bottle by using

player.additem 001A899B 1

I lied, I placed 25 baby bottles into my inventory for that is my number haha. You just need one, put it into the teddy bear then just take it back.

Third room. I had to laugh over this. Once I new where the object was I could not find I seen it several times! The wrench under the ottoman. The abraxo cleaner under or around the nightstand, the machete in the fridge will complete the quest. Not such a bad idea to pick up everything ya??

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