Fallout 4 Clearing Forest Grove Marsh

One of our Holotape characters is Sheila. Sheila’s tape is found on top of the gunshop.

Sheila is a scavenger who is out of supplies waiting for Dale to show up. Dale is three days past due. Being a ghoul Sheila is protected from being attacked by the feral ghouls.

Sheila’s tape starts the quest with Solomon described below. 


Mutated Fern Flowers that can be found in the Botany Class Quest given by Solomon (I think I killed him, not sure in this gameplay). Solomon claims we can craft Rad-X and other chems. Solomon will reward the player with up to 200 caps just once for bringing him a mutated fern flower.

There is supposed to be 20 of these mutated fern flowers. I am not sure how many I collected? 

My character is 7 months pregnant and an example of how pregnancy occurs. This is why this video is age restricted. Perhaps I will take the time to cut this out at some point so the video can be shown to children? We all know children play these adult games, if their parents approve or not.